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Recent Plush Projects

May 25, 2009

Usually, I am making clothes or possibly quilting.  However, just this weekend the mood struck me to make some cuddly little felt and fleece creatures.  I was browsing Etsy and found this adorable dragon pattern.  I surely needed to make this!  So I bought the pattern and the supplies the next day.  But the urge to sew something small and cuddly needed to be satisfied immediately!  So I whipped up this cute little sugar skull pin cushion.

Sugar Skull

I love sugar skulls!  I love to use human anatomy in my art, especially skeletons, and the bright colors of sugar skulls fit my tastes perfectly!  I think it turned out pretty nice, what do you think?

The next day I assembled my supplies into Yoki:


I really have to recommend any patterns by DIY Fluffies.  She was so easy to work with and the pattern came together very easy!  Does anyone have any plushie patterns they love?