Haymarket Square

Hi and welcome to Meats Making a Comeback!  This is where I will talk about things I love like, crafting, sewing, cooking, DIY, thrifting, and maybe a little bit of shopping – Enjoy!

Today I ventured into Haymarket square!  For those of you non-bostonians, Haymarket is the place to buy ridiculously cheap produce from merchants set up in tents along the street.  It is not a farmers market.  Merchants get produce very discounted that is too ripe to sell to grocery stores.  The result is produce that might not last too long in your fridge, but is incredibly cheap.  I am talking 3lbs of strawberries for $1, or 3lbs of on the vine tomatoes for $1!  It is very fun also, as there are many stalls and many people and many things to look at!   There is also fish, meat and cheese for sale.  I was a little skeptical about the meat, but I got some great gruyere for 9$/lb!

Here is what I got for 7$

Haymarket Haul

3lbs strawberries

3lbs tomatoes

3 green peppers

1 giant bag of pre-peeled garlic



1 head of lettuce

Crazy! I know!  What outdoor markets do you like to enjoy in the summer?


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One Response to “Haymarket Square”

  1. Jason Robb Says:

    I like the market that comes to Brigham Circle, not sure when, maybe Thursdays?

    Nice blog, lady! Looking forward to readin’ it! =)

    ❤ J

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